Monday, October 29, 2012

Ogame farming

The next step is farming.

After 7 days of inactivity the player changes his status (i). Most of the planet such a player are poorly defended. In early enough for us a couple of SC and LF.
Once appeared at fixed times. Now it has changed and there are exactly 7 days after the last activity. Still worth a look for them but .. Now a little more work you have to put on.  It devoted a lot of time until I found Ogame Espionage tool
Turn on scanning at 1 hour when I'm at work. This ogame bot automatically sends probe. Then just browse new reports and send fleet. It antygame install. Then you can automatically delete the report where it is low on resources. In this way, with little effort gaining more and more resources.

For now, investing in mines and astrophysics and a small defense. I try to maintain the same levels of the mines on all planets. The next step will be the development and maintenance of the fleet. Because really big profits brings destroying enemy fleets.

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